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White Quartz

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  • Tillandsia & Crystal Snow Quartz Crystal 192 gms

    $79.90 $79.90

    Air Plant and Snow Quartz Crystal 192 gms Crystal Airplant

    Genuine Snow Quartz Crystal with a natural Living Tillandsia Air plants

    The Perfect Combination of nature's best Snow Quartz Crystal with Air plants

    The look of Natural Stones & the precious beautiful shine of crystals will almost immediately elevate one's mood, providing relief and removing stress.

    Green plants help provide soothing relief for our eyes especially when we spend most of our time staring into the phone, tablets, tv screens, computer monitors etc. Basically greenery and nature helps us feel relaxed and calm.

    Tillandsia Air Plant on a Genuine Rock Crystal for the Beauty of nature enjoyed indoors. Place them at various spots of your home, office or work station.