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6" Baby

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  • Blur Blur 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Libra: September 23- October 22.

    Hobby: Sucking thumb

    Pet: My blankie.

    Ability: Blur Blur has two antennas on his head that serve as sensors for approaching threats.

  • Charco 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Sagittarius: November 22- December 21

    I may be dark as night, but make me angry and I will light up the night sky like it was daytime with my flames.

    Hobby: Juggling my baby fireball.

    Pet: A baby fireball that I rescued from flaming tree.

    Ability: Charco can set things ablaze with a snap of his fingers, but he only does so when he is furious.

  • Cupido 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Pisces: February 19 - March 20
    My motto is "Love makes the world go round"

    Hobby: Matchmaking.

    Pet: A pair of lovebirds.

    Ability: Cupido can make two people fall in love with a single beat of his red heart.

  • Missy Micey 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Cancer: June 21 - July 22
    I am protector of Mother Nature and all things living.

    Hobby: Gardening and yoga

    Pet: All animals are my pets.

    Ability: Missy Micey is a nurturer and can make any plant flourish with a simple touch of her gentle hand.

  • Cupipi 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Great as a cuddly friend or fun pillow, this Cupipi Dooodoll features a soft, white plush doll with a big pink heart and wings.

    Shy on the outside, wild inside. She always gets what she wants and will never take no for an answer.

    Cupipi has a gift of matchmaking but with a twisted taste of matching suitable lovers.

  • Drooolie 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    About Me: I'm Drooolie the mechanic...Just give me any broken machine and I can repair it with my slimy saliva!

    Ability: Drooolie has buckets full of his slimy saliva that can mend anything that is broken.

    Charm: Drooolie will turn you into a Mr Fix-it-All, but beware of involuntary drooling.

  • Fugi 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    About Me: Zzzz

    Ability: Fugi cannot be found; instead he will find you when you are most in need. He will grant you your deepest wish, but only if you have a pure heart.

    Charm: Your dreams will come true with Fugi around, but make sure there are no impure thoughts, or else your dream will remain a dream!

  • Kalor 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    About me: I paint for a living and live to paint.

    Ability: Using the spots on his body as his palette, anything that Kalor paints jumps to life

    Charm: With Kalor around, you will become the life of any party and become an expert in body painting.

  • Master Ear 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    About Me: Make me mad and I'll smack you with my big strong ears.

    Ability: Graduating from the same self- defense class as Ninja, Master Ear has trained for years in using his ears as his weapon of choice.

    Charm: Master Ear will improve your hearing so that you are more perceptible to compliments that will start flying your way.

  • Ninja 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Capricorn: December 22 - January 19
    I don't like fighting, but am always ready for combat to defend myself and my friends

    Hobby: Martial arts and practicing with my Shuriken

    Pet: My dragon. No one has seen him before because he is very shy.

    Ability: Ninja can move as fast as lightning. One second he's there and the next...*poof*...he's gone!

  • Pinkie Pirate 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Aries: March 21 - April 19
    Ahoy Captain! I have explored every corner of Dooodolls Planet.

    Hobby: Travelling.

    Pet: A whale with 10 eyes.

    Ability: A descendant of an infamous pirate, Pinkie Pirate has an exceptional sense of direction. He inherited a magical wooden sword that will take you wherever his heart desires.

  • Reddish Twin 6" Baby

    $19.90 $19.90

    Reddish Twin
    About Me: I'm the exact opposite of my twin brother SunnyTwin because I'm always hyperactive and energetic .

    Ability: earning the title as Fastest Talker on Dooodolls Planet, Reddish Twin can speak an average of 1,000 words per minute. Half the time, no one understands what he is saying except Sunny Twin who can read his mind.

    Charm: Reddish Twin gives you the gift of gab, letting you talk your way out of any trouble you might get yourself into.