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  • Third Eye 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    About Me: I have the IQ of a genius because my third eye allows me to read a book, watch TV and surf the internet all at the same time.

    Ability: Third Eye is a secret agent in training who can crack the top security codes on the planet.

    Charm: Third Eye is like ginseng on steroids and will make you the master of all kinds of mind challenging games

  • Angelooo 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    About Me: I am full of surprises and like to play tricks on people using my magic wand

    Ability: With his magic wand, Angelooo can cast his spells on unbeknownst victims who will obey his every command.

    Charm: Angelooo will help you cast anyone you desire under your charming spel

  • Beary Fishy 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Aquarius: January 20 - February 18.

    Hobby: Fishing and swimming and fishing.

    Pet: My fish-shaped pillow

    Ability: Beary Fishy speaks various fish languages fluently and is a great swimmer.

  • Blinky 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Virgo: August 23 - September 22

    Look into my eyes...you are feeling sleepy...

    Hobby: Daydreaming

    Pet: Look into my eyes...you are my pet...

    Ability: Blinky is a master mesmeriser who can hypnotise anyone within three feet of him with those spellbinding eyes.

  • Blur Blur 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Libra: September 23 - October 22.

    Hobby: Sucking thumb

    Pet: My blankie

    Ability: Blur Blur has two antennas on his head that serve as sensors for approaching threats.

  • Charco 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Sagittarius: November 22 - December 21
    I may be dark as night, but make me angry and I will light up the night sky like it was daytime with my flames.

    Hobby: Juggling my baby fireball.

    Pet: A baby fireball that I rescued from flaming tree.

    Ability: Charco can set things ablaze with a snap of his fingers, but he only does so when he is furious.

  • Chocoman 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Gemini: May 21 - June 20

    Sometimes when my friends are with me, they start to drool...that is when I know that they are thinking of having me for dessert since I'm made if sweet icing. My idol is the Gingerbread Man.

    Hobby: I love talking. I even talk to myself when I'm working at my mom's bakery - Chocoman's Cake House - where i have to pose as cake decoration in the window display.

    Pet: I used to have flock of icing birds, but they were all eaten up.

    Ability: In times of grave danger when he is about to become someone's dessert, Chocoman can teleport himself to a safe place.

  • Cupido 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Pisces: February 19 - March 20
    My motto is "Love makes the world go round"

    Hobby: Matchmaking.

    Pet: A pair of lovebirds.

    Ability: Cupido can make two people fall in love with a single beat of his red heart.

  • Cupipi 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    Great as a cuddly friend or fun pillow, this Cupipi Dooodoll features a soft, white plush doll with a big pink heart and wings.

    Shy on the outside, wild inside. She always gets what she wants and will never take no for an answer.

    Cupipi has a gift of matchmaking but with a twisted taste of matching suitable lovers.

  • Drooolie 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    About Me: I'm Drooolie the mechanic...Just give me any broken machine and I can repair it with my slimy saliva!

    Ability: Drooolie has buckets full of his slimy saliva that can mend anything that is broken.

    Charm: Drooolie will turn you into a Mr Fix-it-All, but beware of involuntary drooling.

  • Fugi 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    About Me: Zzzz

    Ability: Fugi cannot be found; instead he will find you when you are most in need. He will grant you your deepest wish, but only if you have a pure heart.

    Charm: Your dreams will come true with Fugi around, but make sure there are no impure thoughts, or else your dream will remain a dream!

  • Kakatak 3" Key Chain

    $9.90 $9.90

    About Me: Kakakakaka...I love to make people laugh. I'm funny I even make myself laugh...kakakaka

    Ability: More potent than laughing gas, Kakatak has an infectious laugh that will have people cracking up for hours at end.

    Charm: Kakatak will turn you into the king of comedy and make those around you laugh until they pee in their pants.