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  • Double Sided Lighted Mirror with Magnification 5X Zoom on...

    $249.90 $249.90

    Product details of Double Sided Lighted Mirror with Magnification 5X Zoom on 1 side

    • Double Sided Lighted Mirror with Magnification 5X Zoom on 1 side and Normal/Regular View on the other.


    • Double Sided Table Top Lighted Mirror
    • Double sided mirror
    • View 1x (Normal)
    • Magnification 5x Zoom
    • AC : Electrical Chord with 2pin plug
    • Base : 15cm
    • Height : 42cm
    • Face Diam : 22cm
    • Metal : Steel
    • Easy Bulb Replacement.
    • Voltage : 220V-240V
    • Switch : Cordline On/Off Switch
    • Lampholder : E14
    • Power Cord : BS 3pin Plug
    • Watts : 13W Spiral Fluorescent Lamp
    • Finishing : Silver Chrome
  • Crystal Garden Wish Flower - Crystal Growth Kit Send a...

    $16.90 $16.90

    Product details of Crystal Garden Wish Flower -

    DIY Grow Your Own Crystal Garden -

    Crystal Growth Kit Send a Message in a Bottle

    • Grow Your Own Crystal Garden in a bottle. Comes with a LED Light Cover that enhances the beauty of the crystal.
    • Fun and innovative crystal in a bottle.
    • A special gift as all crystals grow uniquely.
    • Simply dissolve the mineral powder in the bottle and leave it in a well ventilated area for 2 weeks while watching it grow.
    • The LED Light cover will enhance your crystals beauty.
    • Batteries of the LED light is changeable and easily available at any convenience store.
  • Double Sided Vanity Top Mirror PM836

    $159.90 $159.90

    Mirror face is 10" Wide, with normal view on one side and on the other is 5X magnification zoom.

    Chrome shine finish with a simple round base for that sleek elegant design

    Perfect for use for make up application or personal grooming.

  • Rimless Trapezoid Mirror

    $59.90 $59.90

    Main Mirror is normal view

    Round Small 10x Zoom mirror for grooming

  • Kokopelli Collection 6 Inch Double Sided LED Lighted...

    $149.90 $149.90

    6" Double Sided LED Lighted Versatile Mirror. Table top stand as well as handheld. One Side is normal, the other side is 5 x Magnification.

    • 6" Double Sided LED Lighted Versatile Mirror
    • Round Face Shape
    • Table or Handheld
    • Double Side Mirror (One side Normal, the other side Magnification 5x)
    • Chrome Finishing
    • Battery Operated: 3 x "AAA" Batteries included.
    • Face Diam : 15 cm
  • Sleek Adjustable Double Sided LED Light Mirror

    $249.90 $249.90

    Double Sided LED Vanity & CosmeticTable Top Mirror with LED Light, perfect for Vanity Counters, Dressing Tables or Bathrooms. Battery Operated and comes with USB cable for Electrical Power up. Sleek Neck is adjustable for height preference.

    7.5" LED Double Sided Super Bright Vanity Table Top Mirror (Adjustable Neck)

    1. Mirror Width : 190mm
    2. Height :325mm ~ 370mm
    3. Mirror: 1X normal view on 1 side and Magnification of5X on other side (460R)
    4. Switch : On/off switch
    5. Switch function 2 : 3 Step Dimmer for eye Sensitivity
    6. Auto off timer after 10min time frame to save energy (Electrical supply or battery)
    7. Colour: Chrome
    8. CE Approved
    9. 1M USB cable Included
    10. Battery :4pcs of AA Batteries
  • Oval Mirror with Removable 8x Magnification Lighted Mirror

    $169.90 $169.90

    Specifications :

    * Base : 28cm

    * Height : 42cm

    * Oval Face Diam : 21 X 31cm

    * Lighted Face Diam : 13cm

  • Metal Oval Mirror PM657

    $99.90 $99.90

    Fragile Product

    Packaging in a white Box with foam packaging for safe delivery.