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  • Pinkie Pirate 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Pinkie Pirate 12" Plushie.
    Aries: March 21 - April 19
    Ahoy Captain! I have explored every corner of Dooodolls Planet.

    Hobby: Travelling.

    Pet: A whale with 10 eyes.

    Ability: A descendant of an infamous pirate, Pinkie Pirate has an exceptional sense of direction. He inherited a magical wooden sword that will take you wherever his heart desires.

  • Sunny Twin 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Sunny Twin 12" Plushie
    About Me: My friends call me Mr.Cool because I'm laid back and calm even when there's chaos around me.

    Ability: With a constant grin on his face, Sunny Twin is a mind-reader who can uncover your deepest darkest secrets.

    Charm: Men may be from Venus and women from Mars, but with Sunny Twin around, you will know exactly how to please the opposite sex.

  • Missy Micey 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Missy Micey 12" Plushie
    Cancer: June 21 - July 22
    I am protector of Mother Nature and all things living.

    Hobby: Gardening and yoga

    Pet: All animals are my pets.

    Ability: Missy Micey is a nurturer and can make any plant flourish with a simple touch of her gentle hand.

  • Fugi 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Fugi 12"Plushie

    About Me: Zzzz

    Ability: Fugi cannot be found; instead he will find you when you are most in need. He will grant you your deepest wish, but only if you have a pure heart.

    Charm: Your dreams will come true with Fugi around, but make sure there are no impure thoughts, or else your dream will remain a dream!

  • Mr Lady Bird 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Mr Lady Bird 12" Plushie
    About Me: Call me metrosexual if you want, but my deep baritone voice is a dead giveaway that I'm no "Lady" if you couldn't already tell by my muscular legs with its super strength suction.

    Ability: The psychedelic spots on Mr. Lady Bird's body constantly change in colour like a disco light, causing anyone who stares at them to hallucinate.

    Charm: Mr. Lady bird gets you into happy high mode, but watch out for a sudden displays of psychedelic light shows.

  • Mr Nerdie 12" Plushie

    $29.90 $29.90

    Mr Nerdie 12" Plushie
    Leo: July 23 - August 22
    I am smartest of all the Dooodolls. My dream is to become a superhero so that I can save the world.

    Hobby: I like reading comic books, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and making origami with my tie.

    Pet: My pet changes everyday depending on what origami animal I feel like making with my tie.

    Ability: Mr Nerdie is a brilliant scientist and can solve complicated mathematical equations in seconds.