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  • Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Cinnamon / Maple / Vanilla Icing / Coffee wax melt chips.

    A delightful formula reminiscent of freshly baked cinnamon buns includes coffee and vanilla icing with a potent dose of maple and a dash of cinnamon. This lusciously fragrant spice blend leaves your home smelling like the local bake shop - without the mess.

  • Creamy Latte Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Coffee / Creme Brulee / Nutmeg wax melt chips. 

    This blend of coffee, nutmeg, and creme brulee is deeply aromatic and lends your home the scent of a freshly brewed latte with a dash of spice. The decadent aroma is much like that of an artsy coffee house and its awakening atmosphere.

  • Mountain Spice Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Musk / Clove / Eucalyptus wax melt chips. 

    A cooling blast of eucalyptus punctuates the full bodied warmth of musk and cloves. This highly fragrant blend of aromatics provides a pop of spice followed by earthy undertones for a brisk atmosphere like a morning on a mountainside.

  • Sugar Cookie Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Pie Crust / Vanilla Icing wax melt chips.

    A blissful team of vanilla icing and pie crust essences makes this fragrance blend a perfect match for warm and crispy sugar cookies with a kiss of homemade icing. Just the right dose of sweetness accents a buttery layer of pastry for a delightful atmosphere in any room of your home.

  • Ember's Glow Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Musk / Cider / White Tea & Ginger wax melt chips.

    The warm woodsy scent of musk is a lovely addition to crisp and clean notes of white tea & ginger with saucy cider. A bright and fresh aromatic formula fills your home with mirth and a mood boosting kick of splendor