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Citrus & Fruit Blends

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  • Citrus Sunrise Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Lemon / Orange wax melt chips.

    A trifecta of orange and lemon essences make for a crisp and bright scent. This invigorating fragrance brings light to even the darkest rooms in your home with a clean citrus aroma you'll want to use time after time.

  • Dreamsicle Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Orange / Vanilla wax melt chips.

    The classic scent of rich vanilla and fresh oranges is a timeless duo that brings back fond memories of sunny days and orange creamsicles. This fragrance uses the cream-like qualities of vanilla to cut the acidity of ripe oranges for a dessert-like aroma you can use at any time of day for a burst of vitality.

  • Lemon Meringue Pie Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Lemon / Pie Crust / Vanilla icing wax melt chips.

    This amazingly zesty fragrance uses lemon, pie crust and vanilla icing essences to deliver a perfect match for warm and crispy sugar cookies with a kiss of homemade icing. Just the right dose of lemon zest and sweetness accents with a buttery layer of pastry for a delightful atmosphere in any room of your home.

  • Mango Smoothie Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Mango-Papaya / Lemon / Peach wax melt chips.

    The refreshing scent of lemon and the tropical sweetness of mango, papaya, and peach are blended together in this juicy fragrance. A lovely treat after a hard day, the aroma of a mango smoothie is the perfect way to elevate mood while calming stress.

  • Sunburst Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Orange / Pink Grapefruit / Strawberry wax melt chips.

    This bright and energizing blend of pink grapefruit, oranges, and strawberries is tart and crisply aromatic. Put a blast of sunny bliss into your home's atmosphere with this reviving fragrance.

  • Sunshine Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Sunflower / Apricot wax melt chips.

    The beautiful scent of sunflowers and ripe apricots make the Sunshine fragrance a pleasing floral experience with a vibrant, fruity aroma. The perfect bouquet for a rainy weekend, use this sun-inspired blend for motivation when you're in a sluggish frame of mind