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  • Bridal Bouquet Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Baby Powder / Lily of the Valley/ Magnolia wax melt chips.

    This exquisite formula packed with the essences of deeply romantic magnolia and Lily of the Valley creates a lovely fragrance that resembles a freshly picked bouquet of flowers. Your home will smell like a local florist shop with this relaxing aroma.

  • Day Dreams Blend

    $6.90 $6.90

    A fragrance blend of Lilac / Jasmine / Lavender wax melt chips.

    A delicate blend of jasmine, lavender, and lilacs creates a heavenly floral aroma. The sweet scent is relaxing: whisking you away into a state of peaceful bliss as it lingers throughout your home.

  • Georgia Summer Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Peach / Honeysuckle / Magnolia wax melt chips.

    Warm notes of honeysuckle mingle with juicy peach and pungent magnolia for a pop of fresh from the Deep South. This highly fragrant blend of floral essences and flecks of fruit gives off a pleasing scent that is flirty and uplifting.

  • Pastel Petals Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Baby Powder / Lillac / Lavender wax melt chips.

    The fragrance of Lavender drifting through the Summer breeze is possible with this gorgeous formula of lavender. lilac, and warm notes of baby powder. The crisp scent elevates a dreary mood and gives your home a lively aroma like that of a clothesline full of whites.

  • Ribbons & Roses Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Strawberry / Vanilla / Rose wax melt chips.

    A blend of strawberries and vanilla exudes a candies and cream scent: perfect for combining with the luscious aroma of roses. This gloriously fresh fragrance is a beautiful and peaceful treat for your favorite rooms.

  • Sweet Valentine Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Strawberry / Magnoioa / Rose wax melt chips.

  • Victorian Secret Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Lilac / Lavender / Musk wax melt chips.

    A blend of sensual musk and relaxing lavender mixes well with lilacs to deliver a sweetly luxurious scent with a flirty undercurrent of floral notes. This seductive aroma perfect for a fresh and calming bedroom thanks to its pleasing and seductive scent.

  • After the Rain Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Rain / Musk / Baby Powder wax melt chips.

    The scent of freshly fallen rain is a moment away with this crisp woodsy fragrance. A splash of rain is blended with potent streaks of musk and baby powder, making for a dew-kissed aroma with warm notes of floral bliss.

  • Water Lilies Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Petals / Lily of the Valley wax melt chips.

    Lily of the Valley and petals meld together to create of sensuous blend of dew and sun-kissed flowers for a plush rich fragrance. The watery tones keep the scent light and airy for a clean bouquet that dances throughout the room with dreamlike ease.