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  • Afternoon Tea Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of White Tea & Ginger / Gardenia / Bergamot wax melt chips.

    This uplifting blend of bergamot, white tea & ginger, and gardenia has a delicious herbal scent with crisp watery notes and a sweet floral finish. A delightful pick-me-up for getting through a midday slump, this fragrance is both pleasurable and energizing.

  • Exhilaration Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Lavender / Pink Grapefruit / Sandalwood wax melt chips.

    This relaxing blend of lavender, tangy Grapefruit, and sensuous sandalwood is gentle and soothing with its delicate floral undertones and garden-fresh greenery. Lay back and let the fragrance roll about the room creating harmony in every nook and cranny.

  • Fresh Linens Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Eucalyptus / Gardenia / Plumeria wax melt chips.

    Like clean crisp bed sheets wafting in a Summer breeze, this lovely blend of plumeria, romantic gardenias, and soothing eucalyptus is refreshing and light, giving your home a reviving scent.

  • Peaceful Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of White Tea & Ginger / Baby Powder wax melt chips.

    There is nothing as peaceful as the scent of freshly bathed babies accompanied by delicate earth tones of white tea & ginger. This aromatic blend is full of gentle spice and greenery as well as clean notes for a truly calming perfume.

  • Romance Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Jasmine / Lavender / Lily of the Valley wax melt chips.

    A flirty floral blend of lavender, jasmine and lily of the valley makes this scent a pleasurably romantic escape from the everyday. Give your favorite rooms a comfortable and calming atmosphere with this formula and its delicious bouquet.

  • Sensual Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Patchouli / Sandalwood / Musk wax melt chips.

    This warm and romantic blend of musk, patchouli, and sandalwood has just the right punch of spice mixed with woodsy notes and an earthy bottom. A wonderful mood enhancing scent, this fragrance is a great accent to your favorite room and intimate evenings in.

  • Tranquility Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Eucalyptus / Lavender / Rain wax melt chips.

    The watery scent of rain is matched with eucalyptus and sweet lavender to create a rejuvenating fragrance with its own calm and gentle persona. This scent is a great formula to help quiet your mind and achieve clarity.

  • Rainforest Dreams Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Bamboo / Mediterranean Fig / Ocean / White Tea & Ginger wax melt chips.

    This gorgeous and reviving blend of cooling ocean, saucy Mediterranean fig, woodsy bamboo, and white tea & ginger essences is a clean and dewy experience for the senses, providing your home with a genuine jungle bungalow feel.

  • Relaxation Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Bergamot / Ylang Ylang wax melt chips.

    A floral blast of pungent ylang ylang is intertwined with the spiced citrus scent of bergamot for a hypnotic scent. With its own tropical personality, this fragrance is an herbal escape for a tired mind.

  • Island Sunset Blend

    $12.90 $12.90

    A fragrance blend of Bamboo / White Tea & Ginger / Plumeria wax melt chips.

    This lovely combination of clean greenery from bamboo, white tea & ginger, along with sweet plumeria delivers a delicate but delightful scent of the tropics. Like swinging in a hammock during a silent sunset, this exotic fragrance melts away stress and boosts mood without being too overpowering.